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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Blogging Lesson #1

There are many different types of blogs. The ones you hear about most are the personal journals and the "news" blogs. But in between are the team blogs and at the other end of the spectrum you'll find the wild, wild west of open blogs where just about anyone can post.

What you have is a Team blog, that allows any blog member to comment on the posts.

Obviously, in order to actually post you must be a member. To request an invitation, ask for it in the Comments section. You'll receive it in 24 - 48 hours, unless we are REALLY busy. The invitation will come from Blogger Invites and have the Subject: Blogger blog invitation from ***** (any team members name may be here). It may be diverted to your spam box, since it has a no-reply return address.

Here are the easy directions to sign up for the blog:

This will take you to the Dashboard where the blog(s) you join will be listed.

For security reasons the invitation link is only good once. If you have any problems or if the registration doesn't go through, let us know and we will send another invitation or answer any questions.

Coming next: How to Post

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